Monday, August 8, 2011

Seven Reasons Why You Wont Say 'SORRY'

We all make mistakes- it's like an attribute of human beings. But then (most of the times) after committing those mistakes, you feel like undo-ing them. Though life doesn't provide you with an undo-button, for your convenience it has given you one word to make use of to partially erase your errors. And that word is 'Sorry'.
Despite it's availability, people often avoid using this word. Why?? Following are the seven reasons why might be you wont prefer saying 'sorry' to someone:

  1. You're conscience has been brutally murdered by your very own hands. Yes, the 'Mother Teresa' of your soul kept on telling you that you are responsible for the havoc in your life and the other person's life. It kept on insisting how utterly wrong and foolish you were. Finally, labeling it as a traitor, you made it your victim- silencing it forever. No more reality checks.
  2. "Why the heck should I say sorry??", says your ego. It's the monster which has invaded your heart and mind, and has instilled anti-clear conscience feelings in every muscle of yours. With such a heavy dose of 'insensitivity', all you want to do is kill all those culprits (read innocent people) and make THEM apologize. You're the Hitler of your time, and the rest should stick to their role as the Jews.
  3. You're a part of the 'not wrong, just misunderstood' group No matter how hard you try to be good, your good-ness is always mistaken as 'hypocrisy'. When all of your 'sorry's are deemed as a conspiracy, you give up all hopes and decide to stay shut. 'Sorry no longer matters to them'- is your excuse.
  4. You are plain scared. Yes, you are scared to admit your mistake. You have no ego; your conscience is fully awake, but YOU are frightened. You worry that the world might point fingers at you and make your life hell due to this small acceptance. Being mocked at is the last thing you want.
  5. You're least bothered. "Did I hurt anyone? Oh well...they'll get over it."- this is your justification. Sorry is not in your Dictionary and neither is it a part of your vocabulary. Unfortunately, your mind is too occupied with other stuff, or... you're too lazy to make the effort.
  6. You waste a lot of time analyzing situations. Your habit of calculating possibilities to resolve problems though other means, prevents you from saying the five-lettered word at the right time. All the effort of your amazing brain goes to waste as the main thing remains unsaid.
  7. 'Sorry' is so last century. You prefer doing things your own way- why not wall the other person something sweet or dedicate a status to them to 're-establish' your bond. Even alternative words and phrases like 'Peace', 'No hard feelings, right?', 'Cheers :)' work. But 'Sorry' way!


  1. Its true...but I have a habit of saying sorry n making up for my mistakes by sweet gestures. I am not scared to accept my mistake n it bothers me a lot if anyone gets hurt coz of me.
    but it really hurts me how some people just can't utter one word or so. ego matters n all!
    follow me??? =D

  2. I can't stop myself from saying sorry, I dont know why :/ I get this feeling that might be if I don't apologize, God is going to teach me a very harsh lesson. And IF we just try to keep ourselves in the other person's shoes, we might just realize how badly we can hurt others.

  3. Your posts always provide food for thought :)