Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pakistan- a country with tied wings

Roger Tory Peterson said: “Birds have wings; they're free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility that humans envy.”

Thanks to Red-bull, the concept of humans having wings has turned into some sort of a reality. But if we look at it metaphorically, do humans have wings? And if so, what does the ability to fly signify?

The answer is simple- To be able to fly, is to be free.

Pakistan is a country with great untapped economic resources, a lot of talent and definitely, uncertain political conditions. At this instant, when I’m here practicing the so called- ‘Freedom of speech’, this very country stands at one of the most important crossroads of its brief and tumultuous history. A country which was founded on the notion of ‘freedom’ for all, tolerance towards each other’s religious, political and personal views- is now dieing a painful death.

And why so? Because the ideology which built it up was abandoned 64 years back, sadly. The Quaid decided to get rid of the British Raj which ruled over us, which had limited our very own freedom. But was he really successful??? I have my own doubts.

Right now, Pakistan is indeed a country with tied wings. It has no ideology of its own, no free will, and no authority to exercise its sovereignty. It is struggling in the clutches of:

a) Sectarianism,

b) Ethnocentrism,

c) Lack of ownership

The wings which we were supposed to have after 1947, were never used to soar up high. Our aims always remained low- Look back at history, what were we aiming for so far???? Weren't our rulers trying to strengthen their own political parties? Were they not in the midst of attempts to make their own so-called leaders look like messiahs? Did we work to build our future, or did we just crush it under the feet of our nostalgic passions? We were and still remain a slave to the world’s super powers- We don’t make our decisions, THEY do that. And who gave them the power to do so? No-one… but us.

Rumi said “You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?

Yes, each and every one of us has wings. And aren’t we the ones who make Pakistan? Then why aren’t we aiming for the sky? Why have we tied our own wings in non-existent chains? If each and every Pakistani starts owning Pakistan, starts working for it, starts realizing their responsibility- this country would no longer have tied wings. Look at Libya, Egypt, Yemen- These countries too had a similar situation as ours, but who released their wings afterwards? Not a messiah, but the very own Libyans, Egyptians, Yemeni.

How long will we wait?

The Founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said: "If you change your past and work together in a spirit that everyone of you, no matter to what community he belongs, no matter what relations he had with you in the past, no matter what is his colour, caste or creed, is first, second and last a citizen of this State with equal rights, privileges, and obligations, there will be on end to the progress you will make." (11th August, 1947)

Tied wings or not. Wings do exist. And that gives Pakistan the ability to soar up high. For how long will we crawl when we have the ability to fly, that decision depends upon us.

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